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Our Value

Corporate Culture

.Our vision: Endeavor to become a respectable company of world-class.

. Mission statement:  Create value for customers and provide opportunity for employees; Contribute to the betterment of society and promote social progress and development.

. Principle: Abide by the law of social development ,Focus on target costomers’ core value and needs while creating the greatest value for them.

. Core concept: Only No.1

It must be THE FIRST as our top consideration in dicision-making , goal-setting and  daily management.

.Spirit:  Harmonious,reliable, courageous, and proactive

. Guilding principles for action:

1.Innovative business. Choose business and explore the market innovatively with the starting point of improving customers’ life quality and promoting social development.

2. Customer service.

Focus on costomers’ core value and needs to create the greatest value for them.

3. Staff-training first. Give top priority to the establishment of a  training system to cultivate staff with  correct values, thus we will be able to perpetuate a business boom meanwhile making the most valuable contribution to society.

4. Benchmarking.Aim globally, improve constantly, strive to be No.1 in the industry..

. Decision-making style:Research thoroughly,decide correctly and implement firmly.

.Working style: Subordinate to the general interests,      immediate action, no excuse , keep promises , never give up, attention to details.

.Fundamental values

1.Thanksgiving: Grateful to others and lead a happy life.

2.Responsibility:Responsible for ourselves,our work,the company and society

3. Passion:Focus on goals ,go all out and never give up,and we believe that life without passion is nothing more than a pool of stagnant water.

4. Active in innovation:Improvement makes progress while innovation create a bright future.

5.Team work: collaboration and division of responsibility and everyone plays a role in making the dream come true.

6.Customer first:Venerate and serve costomers, Create the greatest value for  them is an immovable objective for  the company’s existence and development

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